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Hand-Held Refractometer For Brix
Refractometer For Salinity
Refractometer For Clinical Protein
Refractometer For Battery/Antifreeze/Cleaning Fluid
Refractometer For Alcohol
Refractometer For Honey Tester
Refractometer For Grape Tester
Refractometer For Milk Tester
Beer Brewing Refractometer
Oe Refractometer

About us

Shengzhou Hongyuan Refractometer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Beijing Hongyuan Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. Since 2000, it has been focusing on the production of Hand-held refractometers. In 2017, it was moved to Shengzhou City, which is only 100 kilometers away from Ningbo Port, China's largest port. All of our parts conform to the National standards, through professional technicians to produce high-quality hand-held refractometers, each product has been corrected and tested before leaving the factory. For nearly 20 years, our instruments have been used in education, research, laboratories and production factories, especially in the food and aquatic industries and auto parts industries, We have provided OEM to a number of well-known companies.

You are very welcome to visit our factory. We hope our high quality refractometer will bring you a bigger market.

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