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Hand-Held Refractometer For Brix
Refractometer For Salinity
Refractometer For Clinical Protein
Refractometer For Battery/Antifreeze/Cleaning Fluid
Refractometer For Alcohol
Refractometer For Honey Tester
Refractometer For Grape Tester
Refractometer For Milk Tester
Beer Brewing Refractometer
Oe Refractometer

Shengzhou Hongyuan Refractometer Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is affiliated with Shengzhou Xuzhi Import and Export Co., Ltd. and is a manufacturer specializing in hand-held refractometers. We provide sugar, salt, alcohol, honey, juice, veterinary, ethylene glycol antifreeze, milk and other series of refractometer, our products are highly durable, high precision, and have good after-sales service, welcome domestic and foreign client to come to negotiate cooperation.
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